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Hunting checklist at Superior Game Ranch
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Clothes (suggestions):
• Camo hunting coat, vest, shirt and pants
• Hunter blaze orange coat, vest, shirt, pants or hat
• Hunting boots or insulated boots
• Street shoes and street clothes
• Slippers to keep cabin free from dirt and blood
• Socks, three or four pairs of warm hunting socks
• Gloves or shooting mittens
• Long underwear or under garments to keep warm
• Belt
• Hat or cap or stocking hat
• Rain Gear or poncho
• Camo face mask, net or paint (type of hunt, if needed)

Hunt Equipment (suggestions or just for fun):
• Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader or Handgun
• Bow or Crossbow - (back-up: extra quick release)
• Back-up weapon or other type, if possible ...
...(in case you choose another hunt or method of hunting)
• Ammunition or arrows - extra broadheads and ammunition
...(bring extra if sighting-in is needed)
• Expandable broadheads is NOT recommended
• GPS or compass
• Animal calls for deer, turkey or duck/geese
• Range finder
• Knife or Multi-tool
• Binoculars or Monoculars
• Hunting pack or fanny pack
• Shooting glasses or sunglasses
• Flashlight
• If sighting-in, earphones, earplugs and shooting glasses

Misc. Items and Equipment (suggestions):
Coolers (ice chests) to transport your processed meat ...
..over night/next day is standard. Shipping is also available

Scent eliminator products
• Cell phone
• Camera or video camera
• Extra batteries, memory sticks or film
• Eyeglasses or sunglasses
• Watch
• Phone card
• Prescriptions or over-the-counter medications
• Insect spray
• Hand warmer packages
• MI license for wild hunts only
• Food, candy or snacks for between meals
• Beverages for between meals
• Thermos bottle
• Past-time entertainment, magazines, games etc...
Superior Game Ranch Hunt Packages and Contact Info
Check List, Rifle Suggestion for Hunting
Rifles, Muzzleloaders, Shotgun & Handgun, Archery & Crossbow
(Suggestions for hunting)

• .22 caliber centerfire are NOT allowed for hunting.
• Handguns: .41 magnum or larger
• Shotguns: shotgun slugs are allowed on certain big game hunts
...Shotgun shot is for bird hunts only... please call for information
• Muzzleloader: 50 caliber or larger
• Crossbows: accepted
• Rifle: many different calibers are accepted. Suggestions shown below.
• Archery lbs. or pull needed: is based upon the method of your hunt.
Please call if you have any questions.
Suggestions: Please call for questions, help or information.

• Buffalo
Minimum Rifle suggested - 270 Winchester,
Archery Minimum - 55 lbs. or heavier

• Elk, Red Stag & Black Bear
Minimum Rifle suggested - 25-06 Remington,
Archery Minimum - 50 lbs. or heavier

• Deer Whitetail Deer, Fallow Deer & Rams
Minimum Rifle suggested - 243 Winchester,
Archery Minimum - 40 lbs. or heavier

• Boar
Minimum Rifle suggested - 243 Winchester,
Archery Minimum - 50 lbs. or heavier

• Turkey
Shotgun only: 20 gauge or larger

• Ducks & Geese
Shotgun only: 12 gauge or larger, Note: steel shot only

Please Note - Meat Processing & Taxidermy Info:
Processing of meat is available for an additional charge. This service is done by a professional service / business. Over night and / or next day order processing and ready for pick-up in the morning is standard. A variety of cuts and selections are available to choose from. Call for details.

Bring extra coolers (ice chests) to transport your meat after your hunt.
Shipping of the order is also available.

Taxidermy and capping is an additional charge. We offer different methods of delivery or shipping for when your trophy mount is completed and ready for pick-up.