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Superior Game Ranch & Border States Rifle Club
together offer NRA and CMP Tournaments for competition rifle shooting.
This beautiful shooting range is owned by Superior Game Ranch and operated by Border States Rifle Club for tournaments, club membership, and club activities.

The Sportsmen's Range is open to Superior Game Ranch Hunters, Border States Rifle Club Members and Competitors on the day of the tournament / event in which they are participating in.
An overview of scheduled Palma, NRA & CMP Tournaments are:
• Palma 800, 900, and 1000 yard
• 80 shot NRA Highpower (NRA Approved)
• CMP Garand 30 shot and CMP Springfield 30 shot
• 50 shot CMP EIC "Leg Match"
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Our Mission:
Border States
Rifle Club,
to teach by example the proper use of and safe handling of Firearms through Marksmanship, Training and Competition.
The range is owned by Jeff and Reba DeBacker, the range is operated on a volunteer basis by members of the Border States Rifle Club.
1. Annual membership is $35.  Which entitles the member to membership of the range and it's facilities and also enrolls them as a member of the Border States Rifle Club
2. Free camping at the range, no potable water or eletricity but there are three outhouses available.
3. Individual rifle instruction is available on request from NRA Master Class competitors and certified NRA rifle instructors.
4. Match schedules are posted online,
Tournament schedules and RESULTS are also e-mailed and mailed to members and to competitors upon request. Contact Mike Borske.

5. Contact:
Mike Borske, 1031 Wilderness Lane, Gwinn Mi. 49841
phone: 906-238-4250 mlborske@yahoo.com

Mark Kerr, 1787 Wood Road, Florence,Wi. 54121
phone: 906-396-7290 kerrcanoe@borderlandnet.net.

NRA National Rifle Association

CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program

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Tournament matches are throughout the summer months and early fall. Match dates plus results are available and posted.

1000 Yards: If your passion is long range tournament shooting, come and compete or join Border States Rifle Club and practice your shooting skills. We offer mid-range and long-range matches, and Palma matches for high power rifle.

Silhouettes: Regulation Range Approved by NRA. For the more competitive shooter we have 500 meter silhouette range with a covered firing line.

Basic Shooting: Our new range offers an area with bench rests for sighting-in, or just plinking out to 100 yards.

Directions to the Shooting Range
Tournmanent Matches, Results, Info and Rules
Rifle Matches, Information
and Rules.

For Results:
e-mail request to

Border States Rifle Club